Facilitation & Team Transformation

When you transform your team, you reinvent your processes, your challenges, your ability to outperform everything that came before.

Facilitation & Team Transformation

It begins well before teams even come together, as we help identify the right issues, people, skill sets, and decisions-at-hand. It hits critical mass when teams meet and actually start working as one powerful entity, highlight individual strengths, help each other shine, uphold company tenets, and gain momentum like never before. And it creates a bright new future as people feel freer to express their ideas and creativity, know they are respected, supported, and heard, and are no longer hampered by friction and barriers.

Solve these typical team issues and more:

  • Fix destructive processes
  • Eliminate the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Repair relationships
  • Restore productivity
  • Improve decision-making and interpersonal communication
  • Focus on the issues that matter most
  • Build true, working teams
  • Create a positive company culture from the top down

Through facilitation and team transformation, complex problems are easier to solve. Productivity hits unprecedented levels. Leaders — and consequently, everyone under their direction — are energized. And what was once difficult at best and potentially devastating at worst, now becomes a life force that resonates throughout the company, culture, and clientele in numerous wonderful ways.

Let us help make this transformation painless, efficient, powerful, and even one that inspires laughter, invokes smiles, and promotes good feelings on every side of the table.

Team transformation is a game-changer for many Silicon Valley companies, like this one. How about yours?

Get the Magic Back

Team-building is for sissies. Team transformation, on the other hand, is pure magic — and one of our specialities.

Sylvia’s perceptions on things that really matter are key.  There is a deep understanding of even the “psychology” of the dynamics that lead to success. Sylvia helps make good change happen: people, behavior, communication.

Scott Elrod

Vice President, PARC, a XEROX Company

Sylvia’s a great facilitator for setting up an exercise, a discussion, and helping all understand the rules of engagement.  And there is fierce engagement–but problem focused—a constructive conversation. Sylvia does great creative things; we met off-site and had a professional sports trainer teach us.  It really got the creativity going.

Warren Savage

CEO , IPextreme

Sylvia is one of the few who influence the few, who influence the many. As an Executive Coach, Business Leader, Community, and Family Leader, Sylvia not only engages to resolve whatever challenge she is asked to confront; in those situations she also engages to create transformational learning so that whomever she comes into contact with is fundamentally impacted in a positive way. With grace, humility, sense of life purpose, Sylvia models what it means to be a positive, contributing human being thereby making this world a better place for herself, her family, and me.

Richard J. Bell

Group Chair, Vistage Intl