Executive Coaching

Beyond the Ordinary

Executive Coaching

You want to be much more than just a leader. As an innovator and visionary, it’s time to take your success beyond the ordinary.

Good news: we want that for you, too — and we’re uniquely qualified to get you there. That’s because like us, you’re a dreamer, an extraordinary thinker, a believer that anything is possible; that the traditional, the norm, the middle road are best left to others.

So let’s get down to business and push those boundaries, fine-tune those leadership skills, dream up fresh perspectives, work out those concerns, smooth frustrations, master interpersonal communications, and position you to more easily and artfully lead your company, division, department, or project like you’ve never led before. We’ll help you tackle such goals as:

  • Boosting performance at every level
  • Developing a vibrant company culture
  • Mastering interpersonal communications
  • Expanding your leadership skills
  • Turning lofty goals into reality
  • Bringing out the best in your teams and employees
  • Adopting new, broader perspectives
  • Breaking molds, rules, and barriers
  • Maneuvering successfully through volatile changes

Executive coaching from Bold Changes Consulting is for leaders (like this one), CEOs, CTOs, senior executives, smart creatives, directors, and high-level engineers ready to achieve something truly remarkable. To train with a master coach, just like an Olympic athlete would, and even have fun reaching new levels of performance, enrichment, and gratification.

This is your time. Let’s do this.


Beyond the Ordinary

As an innovator and visionary, it’s time to take your success beyond the ordinary.

In my transitioning from manager to leader, Sylvia worked through the key obstacles and opportunities. I would just like to express how great Sylvia is.  She helped me grow and own the position.

Natalie Kennedy, IACCP®

Director of Business Operations and Compliance, AML Compliance Officer , Stanford Investment Group, Inc.

I worked with Sylvia to improve the personal side of my management job. I had a difficult time relating to people as more than resources. She helped me to understand and relate to them as people. She was tough when she needed to be and guided me to be a better manager.

John Kim

Principal, Synopsis

I highly recommend Sylvia to anyone managing significant change or anyone trying to build and manage a stronger corporate team.

Jeff Lewis

Former CEO, Consultant, CiraNova Inc.