About Sylvia Ferronyalka

Jack the Giant Killer. David who downed Goliath. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yeah, that sounds like me; I just have a much more interesting last name. And instead of battling mythical foes, I take down company killers. You know, like deep-seated conflict, dysfunctional teams, mistrust, organizational misalignment, power struggles, corporate chaos, and negative culture. As a Chicagoland native, maybe it’s in my blood. But with a name like FerroNyalka — Hungarian for strong and handsome — I’m leaning toward my hard-earned expertise, a humor-infused and engaging style, a knack for turning serious work into a lot of fun, and the ability to pinpoint all the threads of a complicated business challenge and quickly clear a path to a place where everyone wins. That last one’s kinda my super power.

It’s also the result of more than two decades of honing my skills. After earning my degree with distinction from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I spearheaded the financial turnaround of a Chicago-area equity theatre as its managing director. An early victory for team-building, solid strategy, and making hard work fun. And later, as a pioneering sales manager, I showed just what an under 30 female was capable of with ingenuity, positivity, and perseverance.

But when I became one of the nation’s first credentialed coaches, working in the heart of Silicon Valley at all organizational levels, the fun really began. As a certified coach, facilitator, trainer, and member of the master-level conference, Conversation Among Masters, I finally had the tools to help others do what I have strived to do my entire career: live in authenticity; work with fulfillment and passion; collaborate with vision and ease; change the world one crazy idea at a time.

Nearly 20 years and hundreds of thrilled clients later, I’ve never been more ready to help you make bold changes in your world.