About Bold Changes Consulting

Empowering the Innovators of Silicon Valley

About Bold Changes Consulting

Twenty years ago, people thought we had gone mad. Who champions innovation and creativity over tried and true tradition? Who believes the best path to a better bottom line is through happier, more engaged employees having more fun in the workplace? And while we’re at it, who says working grueling hours isn’t the only way to business success?

We did. But more importantly, you did, too. That’s because like you — the technology dreamers, visionaries, rule-breakers, innovators, and thought-leaders of Silicon Valley — we see the world through a different lens; one that makes the human side of business a priority. And when people align with company vision and culture, amazing things happen.

It’s just this approach that has consistently led us and the executives and companies we work with to more quickly and easily solve major challenges and blocks to profitability, productivity, and fulfillment. Challenges such as high employee turnover, workplace conflicts, real or phantom roadblocks, low morale, ineffective leadership, collaboration breakdowns, unfocused strategy, and numerous other detrimental triggers.

And it’s just this vision that established us, first as Success Resources, Inc. in 1999 and today as Bold Changes Consulting, as one of the premier leadership executive coaching firms in the Bay Area. With Sylvia FerroNyalka at the helm, we personalize everything: assessments and tools, timing and approach, and a hand-picked coaching team just for you. Whether you are a start-up or established company, when known and unknown obstacles separate you, your team or staff, or your organization from your goals, your passions, your potential, it’s time for Bold Changes. We promise you’ll love the experience as much as the results.