International Start-up hungry to push past problems

Time for a bold change.


An international semiconductor start-up during tough economic times has enough built-in challenges. Add in team issues, technical performance problems, poor communication across sites, and ongoing rapid internal changes, and you have significant limitations for breakthrough success.


With time of the essence to achieve technological and market success, we addressed issues at all levels. At the top, we helped the new chief technology officer and provided organizational design insights and processes to create a successful structure. Together with the CTO, we recognized that to reach company goals, we needed to realign the team and eliminate the lack of trust and dysfunction in the culture.

At the team level, where poor communication, in-fighting, and anti-collaborative structure were tearing the company apart, we broke down walls, created a new project-based structure that required teams to work together rather than against each other, and hosted team events that improved interpersonal issues, trust, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Finally, to affect lasting change on company culture, we promoted enterprise-wide leadership training, strategies on managing change, successful communication techniques, positive collaboration, and mutual respect across departments, time zones, and countries.



Organizational Restructuring


Better Team Cohesion and Morale


Enterprise-Wide Learning Initiatives

Healthy Workplace Culture


The transformation was significant. As the divisive fences and silos fell away, people were finally able to work with one another, no matter their discipline, department, or location. Teams became a reality. Trust went way up. And the new culture of health and productivity led to the company’s acquisition.

Team Realignment and Restructuring

With more clarity and direction than he had enjoyed in a very long time, this reinvigorated leader was able to make sound, strategic decisions that not only were the best for him, but for his investors and the company.

Broke Down Silos and Walls

He was able to create a new role for himself that felt good and maintained his value to the company.

Positive Communication Worldwide

His newly-empowered decisions eventually led to successfully selling the company even amid a difficult economic turndown.